About Andrew Thomas Clifton Photography

With beginnings in self-taught photographic experiments dating back to 2005, Andrew Thomas Clifton produces timeless images across the spectrum of photographic genres that explore the roots of the core emotions that are common to all men and women. His black and white photography is noted as being especially provoking and legendary in the ability to captivate the eye with what would be under any other circumstance simply another moment...because Andrew swears that no moment can be regarded as such. His images are also often noted for their deep use of dynamic lighting contrast, a powerful and eerie command of shadows, and an intimately hard connection to a singular item in a seemingly complex world. He has noted that his job as a photographer is to interpret and love the nature and relativity of beauty across the universe and to share that viewpoint with the viewer.

It is this job and photographic works that have earned Andrew the acclaim of various media and also made his works a significant part of numerous art collections and professional clients visual campaigning across the world. In 2007, he was selected one of the few select photographers contracted to shoot President Barack Obama during a private session for his campaign. Among those acclaims for him includes the honor (in 2005) of being the youngest photographer (at the age of 24) ever inducted into the prestigious Paul R. Jones Collection where his work is viewed along side such legendary photographers as P.H. Polk, James Van Der Zee, and Gordon Parks. His work has been selected for such clients as NBC, Scratch Magazine, Ebony Magazine, The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, and Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Schools of America